Old Christ Church

405 S Adams St, Pensacola, FL 32502

Completed in 1832, Old Christ Church is one of the oldest surviving church buildings in Florida, serving the Pensacola community as an Episcopal Church, public library and museum. The building was also occupied by federal troops during the Civil War. Today, it is a popular stop on the guided tour and continues to serve the public as a museum, special events venue and meeting hall as well as hosting weddings. The church will accommodate up to 185 guests.

Old Christ Church is on the Becoming American Tour at 1:00 with the 1871 Dorr House.

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Old Christ Church sits poised on Seville Square, serving as a beacon for downtown’s historic districts and as an anchor for Historic Pensacola Village.  The white façade protects an interior rehabilitated by a concerned community, and the history of the building speaks to visitors the moment they walk in the door.  While today’s visitors may marvel at the quaint beauty of the church, the sight they see has been many years in the making. 

Old Christ Church was built in 1832 for the “Protestant Association in the City of Pensacola” with the purpose to build an Episcopal church in Pensacola.  The architect and builder are unknown. The church now stands as one of the oldest Protestant churches in the state of Florida, located on the original site and being the original masonry structure. Old Christ Church has strong elements of Norman-Gothic: a transition period from the traditional Roman-Classical architectural style to Gothic style.